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Intel X Smithsonian

With emerging technology like virtual reality, museums are freed from the constraints of time, space, and budget. Intel and Smithsonian American Art Museum partnered up with a team of virtual reality specialists to transform a single exhibition into an experience that can be shared with the world. Learn more at the New York Times or

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Intel X Smithsonian: Long Form

Episode 1: The Art of Access

It’s her mission to share art with the world. Hear how Nora Atkinson, Curator of Craft at Smithsonian American Art Museum, is using emerging technology to reach a bigger audience, in partnership with Intel. Featuring their latest exhibition, VR is opening up a world of possibilities for museums, artists, and attendees alike.

Episode 2: Truth is Beauty

His art envisions a world where women are safe. Discover the inspiration behind Marco Cochrane’s “Truth is Beauty,” currently exhibited at Smithsonian American Art Museum, and learn how virtual reality technology helps artists share their work with the world.

Episode 3: The Art of Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry is the first step in transforming art into a virtual reality space - and with powerful processing, it’s faster and more vibrant than ever. Follow Smithsonian American Art Museum’s journey to a fully virtual exhibition, in partnership with Intel.

Episode 4: The Art of Virtual Reality

In our final installment, Jason Gholston from Sansar discusses the process of building a VR world for Smithsonian American Art museum, in partnership with Intel. Through Sansar’s social VR platform, a museum becomes infinitely accessible and interactive for the public.

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